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Creative Consultancy, Individual and Team Coaching.

I have been successfully helping, managing, mentoring and coaching career professionals in the creative and educational sectors since 2000.

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Helping You Expand and Develop

Institutions. Professionals. Teams.

In this time of uncertainty I am seeing more and more clients reach out to coaching in order to better realign their inner talents with their outer vocation. Whether setting up in business, navigating a positive exit from a present company or securing their next new role. I can help you to take those next steps with confidence. 

Contemporary institutions need leaders with high emotional intelligence, flexibility and resilience as well as strategic thinking. Even the most traditional of industries are acknowledging a need for this style of leadership as necessary today.

My Leadership and Team Development approaches ensure you understand your unique leadership style, strengths and weaknesses and innate creativity. I help you better empower these qualities in yourself and your teams to positive affect and effective impact. 

A purposeful, reliable and experienced coaching professional. I specialise in working with Arts and Health institutions; Corporate and Creative teams. Using various tools such as: Action Learning Sets, Creative Interventions; Dynamic Role Play and Systemic Constellation approaches. I enjoy helping Managers and Leaders empower themselves and their Teams intelligently. By activating both emotional, creative and pragmatic responses, I help individuals indentify and address their workplace challenges collectively. This activates change and increases company productivity and deepens individual fullfilment. Each of us has unique characteristics that through coaching can become better recognised, exercised and activated; increasing our credibility, visibility and impact. I would love to work with you.

Prices upon application and tailored to your individual needs and company or institution.

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