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What is Psychosynthesis Coaching?

Psychosynthesis dates from 1911 after Roberto Assagioli, an Italian Psychiatrist and a contemporary of Freud. However his is an all inclusive approach to human growth, and seeks to encompass the whole human psyche. His model of psychology is often referred to as 'the psychology of love' because it includes 'higher' human functions  and not just those elements of our history, experience and life imprinting that can hold us back as with many psychological models. 

Unlike with many coaching trainings, Psychosynthesis Coaches go deeper and focus on providing you with a supportive and holding environment to enable you to realise your full potential and manifest this in the world. Our coaching is an experience that empowers you into better relationship with self and other and which honours your innate self-resourcefulness, creativity and inner power to 'know'.

Together we seek out that which is outmoded and help you to plant seeds of change. We travel beside you as you move into becoming a fuller version of yourself. To enable this we work with you to support and guide your synthesis of self, harmonising various aspects of your inner and outer experience both intimately and professionally. Our approach is future oriented in purpose, and yet doesn't discount working with you in the domains of past experience as a resource to liberate your present power as an individual. 

“Psychosynthesis is interested in the whole building. We try to build an elevator which will allow a person access to every level of his personality. After all, a building with only a basement is very limited. We want to open up the terrace where you can sun-bathe or look at the stars. Our concern is the synthesis of all areas of the personality. That means psychosynthesis is holistic, global and inclusive. It is not against psychoanalysis or even behavior modification but it insists that the needs for meaning, for higher values, for a spiritual life, are as real as biological or social needs. We deny that there are any isolated human problems.”― Roberto Assagioli

Psychosynthesis Coaching: Welcome
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