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Couple in Love

Couples Consciousness Coaching

Explore The Possibilities

Making time to help nurture, explore, challenge and develop your relationship towards a better form of togetherness or a gentle separation can be hard. We provide confidential support, understanding and non-judgemental advice and guidance. We can help you both better understand and calmly resolve the issues between you kindly, creatively and amicably. 

Alice can also bring in approaches from arts psychotherapeutic methods where appropriate. She has undertaken various Counselling, Psychosexual Bodywork, Couples Intimacy and Feminine Fulfilment training so can apply these creative and somatic aspects where appropriate and only in service of, and with permission from, the client.

"Sometimes the arts and our bodies reach places and express feelings that words alone can't express."

We understand that modern life and pressures around long working hours, distance and childcare can all create problems can make it difficult for couples to attend in person together, so we also offer online sessions via zoom. 

Types of dynamics we can explore:

  • Stuck Relationship

  • Stale Relationship

  • Infidelity or Affairs

  • Separation or Divorce

  • Intimacy Problems

  • Impact of Pornography, Online Addiction, Gaming

  • Jealousy or Insecurities

First discovery session FREE, we typically then advise a 6 session block at an agreed rate.

Couple: Welcome
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