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Young People

What is it all about? Need a helping hand, listening ear? Some kindness?

I have a blended family of five boys, ages 18, 15, 13, 11, and 7 and am one of four girls so am more than experienced in sibling dynamics, impact and joy!  I also teach 18-24 years olds and I see and feel their emotions and struggles everyday. In this post-Covid, gender fluid, hyper-competitive world the pressure to be seen as 'together' and on top of everything is very real. Perpetuated by social media, the fear of seemingly being inadequate or ousted by your mates is a worry that many share manifesting in social anxiety, withdrawal, lack of self-esteem and feeling loss. I really care about helping young people to feel seen, heard and experienced without judgement and for just who you are.

Together my open-minded and creative approaches can lead us to co-create invaluable resources for you. This will lead you to go on and self manage your life better. We can meet weekly, or fortnightly and I typically recommend contracting for an 6 initial sessions of 60mins (although 30mins may be more appropriate  for you if you wish to just try things out slowly first). Our coaching session can take place via Zoom or in person. 

I am passionate about helping you to not just surviive but to gently find out who you really are so you can begin to thrive.

1st Free Discovery Session then 6 Sessions @ an agreed rate.

Youth: About Me
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