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Client Testimonials

"I now have a deep understanding of my own working practices, my sessions with Alice have gently exposed the inner patterning of myself regarding the way I observe and function in the world. Her processes has helped me to re-engage with things I knew about myself, as well as rediscover aspects of my character that had become hidden or masked by the everyday. I feel more meditative, creative and empowered about my future directions now."

Kerry Hilton, Professional, Age 56

"I have found myself becoming lighter, and less 'academically' anxious in a stressful way. I now notice that I am predisposed to trying to answer things through an academic/critical/intellectual only lens. With Alice I have enjoyed trying to relax and be more playful. I now understand better how I work or 'think' and can catch myself to make better choices."

Sam Jones, Young Person, Age 21

"Although I was aware of my own stories, the coaching process gave me the space and a rare opportunity to share them. Intimate thoughts and hidden agendas were meaningfully exposed and revealed in my gradual process of transformation. Stewart's wit as well as intellect gave space for sides of myself to emerge that would have otherwise remained private."

Peter Swailand, Managing Director, Age 60

"This process has shone a bright light on to my own psyche! I am recognising and deepening my awareness of how I respond and react to situations. Alice's processes have unlocked many emotions, and deeply hidden feelings, in a very touching, intense and productive way."

Lynne Penson, Mother, Age 43

"We came to see Alice and Stewart in a bit of a mess. I felt weak in that I covered up lots of my thoughts and emotions which frustrated Josie. The gentle recognition that 'I must stop feeling ashamed', emerged through conversation and using arts to safely reveal 'what I show and tell, or don't tell' which was enlightening. This challenged my existing thinking and perception and was impactful in the extreme. I am now more contemplative and empathetic and our relationship has become more real."

Josie and Karl, Couple, Age 33 and 34

"It's difficult to express in words the impact of the work I have done with Stewart, I often left feeling emotional, reflective and energised. On a professional level I was able to use the space as a place of ongoing inquiry into what I was participating in with a colleague. It has helped give new shape to this project. On a personal level I am calmer and feel much more integrated as a person."

Brian Core

Testimonials: Testimonials
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