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Academic Coaching

My Academic Coaching is available to all Students from GCSE to PhD level, home and international students are welcome of all ages.

I work with your whole being and not just you as an external achiever. You may have intrinsic confidence, well-being and other inner dynamics at play that are preventing you, from externally flourishing. I provide a safe and creative space to explore these and the tools to both academically achieve and personally grow.

I help students to clarify and become responsible for achieving their academic goals in interplay with recognising any internal blockages or unhelpful mindsets or limiting behaviours. I will work with you, whether at secondary, sixth form, undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD level, to identify, agree upon, and create an action-plan to put your commitments into practice. By setting your own goals and taking responsibility for seeing them through, I will help you to nurture and encourage your own learningconfidence and independence. By asking powerful questions and using creative exercises, I will help you to identify your learning styles and needs, hone your agenda through a tailored learning package, and nurture you with accountability. 


I have helped hundreds of students to gain clarity, direction and purpose throughout their degree. I also help graduates to develop presence, confidence and the power to market themselves and establish their personal offer in the workplace.

I a particularly able to help A-Level/B-TEC students with all arts portfolio and audition preparation, UCAS applications, interview preparation. I can provide specific arts tutoring/training to all ages upon request, myself having trained at art schools Goldmiths and The Slade School of Fine Art.

Coaching can take place on a weekly or fortnightly basis and we generally contract for 6 initial sessions of 30mins to 1hr. The coaching session can take place via Zoom or in person and she also offers a blended approach that can include both in person and online sessions.

Likely outcomes are:

  • greater confidence about your academic potential

  • focused methods of exam success

  • real responsibility for your academic work

  • starting to live out a growth mindset

  • increased enthusiasm and motivation for your studies 

  • reduced stress before exams, assessments, VIVA's

  • increased focus and presence

  • a deeper sense of self and connection to others