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Individual Transformational Coaching

1st free discovery session then 6 further Sessions @ an agreed rate per hour.

In these sessions I work beside you in co-creative partnership to identify, clarify, help heal and future vision you​. I will help you identify and modify your personal and professional needs and goals tenderly and with accountably as the process unfolds. Throughout our 6 sessions self-discovery, self-responsibility, self-love and self-resourcing are fostered. You are nurtured empathetically into self-acceptance and move into growth through transformational and creative strategies. You will get to the heart of your needs through the questions and creative interventions offered that drawn out your own answers.  I will gently hold you accountable to your goals towards a more whole version of yourself. Effective communication and creative interventions will help you focus on your current situation, identifying any limiting beliefs and mindsets. We will together devise a bespoke approach designed to help you personally move towards achieving specific outcomes in your life.

Common outcomes are:

  • Defining a vision for inner fulfilment and outer success

  • Feeling more confident in your own processes

  • Creating sustainable personal and professional growth plans

  • Identifying limiting beliefs and stuck mindsets activate better choices

  • Working towards career, financial, emotional and psychological independence, for example: starting a new business or growing an existing one

  • Obtaining a better work/life balance

  • Learning to communicate more clearly and effectively

  • Nurturing more fulfilling relationships professionally and personal

  • Achieving health, diet and/or fitness goals

  • Managing an important life or career transition

  • Understanding your own core values

  • Living more expansively and creatively

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Individual: Services
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